Morro Bay Municipal Code

Municipal Code Updates

  • Ordinance 578 (PDF) - Announcing Findings and Adopting Amendments to Title 17, Section
  • Ordinance 584 (PDF) - Amends Title 17 to Comply with Revisions to State Housing Law and the Housing Element of the General Plan
  • Ordinance 585 (PDF) - Amends Title 17 to Establish Provisions for Ministerial Review of Secondary Dwelling Units and Guesthouse
**Pursuant to MBMC Section 17.64.080 no amendment to Title 17 shall be legally effective in the coastal zone until the amendment is certified by the Coastal Commission. Contact the Planning Division at 805-772-6577 to confirm effective dates for City Council approved Ordinances relative to Title 17.

Interim Urgency Ordinances

None at this time.

Morro Bay Municipal Code

Contact Planning Division at 805-772-6577 regarding Municipal Code Section 17.40.050D relating to S.2A overlay zone standards.