Junior Lifeguards

Junior Lifeguards is a physical program. Participants are expected to participate in all aspects of the program, to the best of their ability, including but not limited to, physical training, swimming, and other activities as directed by Instructors. Your child's safety is of the utmost concern, therefore your child will not be asked to perform activities that he/she is not physically ready to perform. All Junior Lifeguard instructors and aides are USLA Certified Ocean Lifeguards.

Registration Week will be
 March 28th- April 1st, 2022.

Monday March 28th will be in Person Registration for Morro Bay Residents and Scholarship recipients ONLY!  

Must have proof of residency and prior approval of scholarship.

  May register only ONE (1) SESSION per child.

Proof of Residency
Scholarships Available

General registration will open ONLINE ONLY at 9am daily per session the rest of the week.

     Tuesday March 29, 2022 - Session A Online Registration
Wednesday March 30, 2022 - Session B Online Registration
    Thursday March 31, 2022 - Session C Online Registration
              Friday April 1, 2022 - Session D Online Registration

View Junior Guard Registration (Link available March 2022)

  • Please register with care.  We have a cancellation and transfer fee of $100 to cover additional staff time required to cancel and/or make changes to your registration.

2022 Junior Guard Program

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2022 MBJG Program information - Flyer

2022 Program Schedule

  • JG Bootcamp Pool Program (ages 9+), Sundays, 2:30p-4:00p: 
  1. Session 1 - 3/20, 4/3, 4/10
  2. Session 2 - 4/24, 5/1, 5/8
  3. Session 3 - 6/12, 6/19, 6/26
  • JG Lifeguard in Training (ages 14+ or Dolphin/Orca in 2021)
  1. June 13-18 M-F 9a-2p & Sat 9a-6p
  • JG Lifeguard Program, M-F 9a-2p
  1. Beach Session A - June 20 - July 1 
  2. Beach Session B - July 5 - July 15
  3. Beach Session C - July 18 - July 29
  4. Beach Session D - Aug 1 - Aug 12 
  • Call 805-772-6278 for more information.

Program Testing

All participants will be assessed the first few days of the Beach Program and will be placed in groups according to skill.  It is strongly encouraged that participants self-test prior to registering.   The Beach Program test includes 100-yard non-stop swim under 3 minutes, treading water for 5 minutes, and a 30-feet underwater swim. The Pool Program test is a 75-yard non-stop swim with no time limit and will take place the first day of the program.

Required Uniform

  • MBJG beach program shirts will be issued on 1st day and must be worn everyday.
  • Swimsuits: Participants must wear uniform trunks and black one-piece swimsuits. Girls, fitness bikinis okay but no other bikinis allowed. Sweats may also be worn.
  • Wetsuits: .Participants without wetsuit may not be able to safely participate in all program activities.
  • Booties: Strongly recommended, but not required.

Additional Daily Items

Participants need to bring a towel, warm clothing, foot protection,  sunscreen, hat, and a sack lunch. Surfboards are optional and must have safety fins and leashes. Participants need to supply their own transportation to and from activities and field trips. Staff can not transport participants. Parents are encouraged to accompany the program on field trips. 

Lifeguard in Training
This program is required for all Junior Lifeguards that wish to tryout for a volunteer position.   This program is for the older junior lifeguard (14+) and is an advanced program with additional challenges to help prepare them for volunteering and additionally to prepare to be staff in the future.  Fist Aid/ CPR training and certification is included.

Pre-Season Bootcamp Pool Program

This program is recommended for all first time Junior Lifeguards  and the seasoned JG who want to strengthen their swimming skills and endurance before hitting the beach. This is an introductory program that will help build aquatics skills, confidence and endurance needed for the Beach Program. The Pool Program is tailored for the youth that have completed swim lessons and want to develop more advanced swimming skills and preparatory ocean skills. This program will take place at the MBHS Aquatic Center. We strongly recommend participating in the Pool Program prior to participating in the Beach Program for the first time.