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Posted on: July 25, 2019

Public Safety Power Shutoff / Home Emergency Preparedness

PG&E has informed its customers that as an additional precautionary measure to further reduce wildfire risks, there may be a need to de-energize electrical grids in advance of or during heightened risk conditions, such as high temperatures, high sustained and peak winds, and low humidity. The City of Morro Bay is taking steps to prepare and protect essential services during a potential power outage and encourages its residents and business community to do the same. Tips on how to prepare are available on the PG&E website and all customers are encouraged to update contact information so that you are notified in advance of a power outage. We understand that PG&E will attempt to notify customers of what they are referring to as a Public Safety Power Shut off (PSPS) event 48 hours in advance of power being turned off, 24 hours in advance and just before power is turned off. 

In the event a power outage occurs, it’s also likely internet and phone service will be interrupted. Please consider essential needs for your family, your pets, and friends or neighbors, particularly the elderly and those with health conditions that may require backup power. If you or someone you know relies on electric or battery-dependent medical device, a back-up plan is particularly important. PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program assists residential customers who have special energy needs due to a qualifying medical conditions by providing a lower rate on their monthly energy bill and extra notifications in advance of PG&E’s PSPS. For more information about the program, visit PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program webpage and to learn more on how to prepare for power outages. 

 Please visit the following sites for more information on the Public Safety Power Shutoff Program and information on home emergency preparedness:

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