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Posted on: March 4, 2020

Fire Department Adds New Self-Inspection Program for Qualifying Businesses and Rental Occupancies

Fire Truck

The Morro Bay Fire Department works vigilantly every day to provide proactive fire and life safety protection to our City. An integral part of services delivered remains to be fire inspections. The Fire Department offers businesses and rental occupancies three types of Fire Prevention Inspections:

  • In-Service Engine Company Inspection
  • Technical Fire Inspection
  • Business Self-Inspection Program

The Fire Department has recently implemented an annual self-inspection program for low hazard businesses and rental occupancies where a business can take part in the Self-Inspection Program by identifying and eliminating common mercantile fire hazards to encourage fire-safe work environments. When a new or renewal of a business license through the City has been issued, the Fire Department will determine and send instructions to the business that it can take part in the Self-Inspection Program.

For more information on these types of inspections, see the flyer below or call the Fire Department at (805) 772-6242.