Community Enhancement (Code Enforcement)

The City of Morro Bay began a proactive code enforcement system in 2016. After community discussion and City Council consideration, it was determined that the City's municipal code should be reviewed to decide whether any changes should be made. For more information, visit this news item. Read a previous news item right here that provides more detail on the creation of the proactive code enforcement system.

The City partners with community members for strong community enhancement by ensuring that nuisances and other code violations related to public health and safety as well as aesthetics are remedied efficiently and professionally.

Community enhancement involves Community Development Department code enforcement staff and other City staff members first working to educate the community about the municipal code.

Voluntary compliance of the City’s laws on nuisances is our first priority. Should education and voluntary compliance be ineffective, however, City staff then utilize various laws to remedy the nuisance.

This site serves as a repository for information related to nuisance abatement and code enforcement. Click the links below to learn about the City’s primary community enhancement focus areas, read the specific municipal code sections on those issues, or file a service request to seek code enforcement assistance on numerous topics.

Links & Documents
  1. Scot Graham

    Community Development Director
    Phone: 805-772-6291

  2. Jason Nefores

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: 805-772-2223